Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip

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These RAW Paper Tips come pre-rolled to save you time. Just place a tip into the end of any joint or blunt to prevent soggy ends and maximizes usage of your product. RAW offers a natural alternative to other paper tips.



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  1. Frank

    Excellent. I roll everything this with these tips. Never went back to flimsy cardstock that I had to construct. A real winner/


  2. lilith

    i normally us the plain raw tips tearout and keeping them together while you roll can be a problem if buy hand in a roller its easier but i wanted to try these out and i have to say there great if i have them ill go to these first every time great size very easy and un like filters there all lined up great


  3. jerry73

    I love these pre-rolled tips, my first choice every time (when I have the $). No extra step to roll the tips yourself. If you don’t like getting tobacco in your mouth and making that “pweth” sound as you spit it out, these are the tips to buy.