Purple Punch (500mg)

(3 customer reviews)

Earthy  |  Berry  |  Diesel

Akin to fresh berries delicately picked off the vine, with creamy undertones of earth and diesel.


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  1. Raul Flors

    Decent price and a good product. I’ll be a repeat customer.

    Raul Flors

  2. juliotime

    Very good Craft Cannabis store
    Theory has a great selection as well as a. very knowledgeable staff their customer service is second to none. When I tried to use the preorder option on the website I had some trouble getting verified I tapped the help text option on their website and instantly got help fixed the problem and I was in and out. I will return frequently


  3. jami3888

    5 stars
    Great for late in the day or bedtime!