Pax Era Vape

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This ultra-slim vaporizer device is built with the highest grade parts and provides extreme vapor density, consistent flavor and delivery. This device is only compatible with PAX Era extract pods, which must be purchased separately.


Based on 6 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Toria B

    I love these vapes, great flavor and easy to use

    Toria B

  2. Chefvoigt

    i really like the PAX ERA PODS discrete and not to bulky also the pods are awesome and very easy


  3. Willow

    Great job with this pen. You can easily adjust the settings with an app & the pods that go with it are some of the most flavorful cartridges I ever smoked! Well worth it!


  4. Kim Hewson

    Loving my new Pax Era here in Connecticut! will order again

    Kim Hewson

  5. cc31681

    So I love the pax it’s very convient and less harsh than most pens on the market!


  6. Nadia G

    So happy with this purchase! This is the perfect on the go option for me. It also comes in handy when I just need a few more puffs before I got to bed without having to warm up my table top vape. Great battery life, user friendly, discreet and super tasty vapor too!

    Nadia G