Kosher Kush Preroll

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Kosher Kush is an award-winning indica known for it’s potent, full-bodied high. The strain originated in Los Angeles and was immediately recognized for its deeply relaxing high accompanied by a heaviness that sets in throughout the users entire body, making Kosher Kush a favorite amongst evening consumers. Contains a single preroll with 1.0g flower.



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  1. KindGodess420

    Pure cannabis oil! Bought this for Sleep & Nighttime Pain (& getting Stoned) while Vapecationing back in Colorado! I crashed, alright, then Woke, “vape-vape” about 3 hours later with Massive Munchies! (unlike me) attacking both fridge & pantry alike!. Brushed.. “Vape-Vape” Back to bed I went, 😴Zzzzing for another 5+ hrs. This far-out High reminds me of “the good ol’ days”. Oh,


  2. samarz

    “I have crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes when I smoke I get more anxious and freak out. Kosher Kush is one of the only strains I’ve tried that makes me feel good every time I smoke it. I like the taste too, it’s earthy. I have Fibromyalgia too and it helps me deal with the pains.” will order more


  3. ricegrain

    “I can’t feel my face… or my arms, or my feet, or anything for that matter. it’s as though I’m a weightless entity with a- somewhat foggy- consciousness, floating on the patio.

    praise Yahweh I’m high off my tuchis.”