Banana Kush (500mg)

(10 customer reviews)

Flav Banana Kush is an Indica-dominant Hybrid bred from OG Kush and Banana. Very weedy smell mixed with citrusy bananas and fruit. Tastes very much how you’d expect, very strong banana flavor, mixed with sweet caramel. The tastes reminds one of banana bread.

Medicinal: Great for those looking for a night time


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5.0 overall

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  1. farazy

    Relaxed my nerves and energized me


  2. scott

    This is the greatest CBD product I have ever purchased. Gave me a very relaxed feeling, even helped me sleep a few nights. Kids loved that I havent been yelling for the past week. I definitely will be trying more products. And as for the title, banana kush goes great with pudding!


  3. yevsaent

    Definitely one of my favorites. Keeps me alert and focused. Great for work and I highly recommend it


  4. Salvador

    Great product for daytime!


  5. kendra

    I have used many of the Vapenterps varieties and the taste and effects is always impressive and as advertised. The Banana Kush cart didn’t taste like bananas, fruit, or sweetness. It has a strong pungent earth taste. Not bad but not expected. The effects are wonderful however. Just for reference I’m using a One plus.


  6. stephnie

    Very good taste. Calming. Just what I was looking for. Definitely have all of the fruit flavors on my “try it” list.


  7. frtzy

    Banana Kush has to be one of my favorite strains the flavor is amazing!


  8. Susanne

    This is some high quality CBD oil! The flavor is nice and sweet and customer service is top notch! Will definitely continue buying from here.


  9. windsly

    This is the 2nd kind I’ve tried and it is amazing. It taste great and you can actually feel the effects. Im still in awe over how good these products are. Working on trying them all!


  10. Alien

    Hands down one the tastiest cartridges I’ve been able to get my hands on! Instant anxiety relief and helps me stay focused through out the day Looking forward to trying them all Customer for life 🔥🔥