TKO Extracts Vape Cartridges 1Gram

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This Indica vape cartridge by TKO Extracts provides heavy-hitting Indica effects. Take sedative potency with you everywhere you go with this easy to use TKO.

THC: 82.63%

CBD 0.29%


– Gelato
– Wedding Cake
– Mango Gelato
– Biscotti
– Blueberry Diesel
– Grand Daddy Purp
– Sour Tangie
– Platinum OG
– OG Kush
– Cookies
– Sherbert
– Candyland
– Durban Poison
– Sour Diesel
– OG Cookies
– Berry Lemons
– Zkittlez
– Lemontree
– Banana Kush


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Based on 19 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Haley Carter

    This service is one of the best thing that happened In my life. I received weed a grinder a pipe blunts and lighter in the same bag and I was simply happy. Thank you so much guys!

    Haley Carter

  2. Laura M

    Truly helps with anxiety
    I have bad anxiety and two hits of GG4 keeps me calm for a good four hours. Pleasant taste with a very green terpene profile! Absolutely will be repurchasing.

    Laura M

  3. Nuri Barlas

    Nerve pain, muscle pain , anxiety, CBD is the drug of the future. Please don’t let the big ass companies in on it. They’ll higher the prices and once again manipulate the common folks.

    Nuri Barlas

  4. Oneal Drew

    Great deals that soften the blow of being a patient who relies on their meds which I always appreciate.

    Oneal Drew

  5. helletraft

    High quality edibles for sure, TKO has been my go to for awhile now


  6. aldo_818

    These edibles do not taste good, but they do make you sleepy.


  7. savage818sylmar

    the tko cartridges are super bomb best ive had,the strains they offer are so potent and hit very clean.blowing clouds


  8. John P

    Really helped with my condition. Smells great.

    John P

  9. Drew D

    great product
    If you need a quick pick me up this is it.

    Drew D

  10. Erik A

    This is really good!
    I have tried several different cartridges and this is my favorite.

    Erik A

  11. Steve R

    Works great!
    A few drags from this and the pain washes away for a few hours.

    Steve R

  12. Jason J

    Excellent value for the money!
    Great effects, taste, and quality

    Jason J

  13. Jacob S

    Hands down the best vape carts I have ever used!

    Jacob S

  14. gorillasmokey

    glad i found these again, been missing my daily dose of TKO edibles!!


  15. Teejay

    Easy use. the flavor is kind of lacking but it get the job done when you have a busy day.


  16. chilledsister

    Nice stuff
    Yum!! The chocolate chip cookie is pretty bomb. Didn’t taste bad either


  17. Garvin

    Customer service and quality of flower is great. I’ve also indulged in a cartridge and the Midnight Express flavors they provide are really good.


  18. Angel Larisa

    Recently ordered these carts Great flavor, great buzz, some of the best I have had yet. Thanks

    Angel Larisa

  19. Jamesd3

    Dare to be dared
    Legit all the way! If you aren’t satisfied with the service at least you got you medication for cheaper.