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Head Trip Herbal Incense 1.5g

Buy Head Trip 1.5g Herbal incense online. Getting it from reputable sellers, such as Express Highs, guarantee that you will get potent and pure aromatic potpourri, which can give you a pleasant incense burning experience.

If you’re looking to feel happy and relaxed and forget about any worries you have in your life, you might want to buy Head Trip 1.5g Herbal incense. It is a popular brand and product, which you should not miss if you’ve tried herbal incense before.

This aromatic potpourri is not something you have tried before. It can also give out a clean and quick burn, which can last for many hours. Regardless you’re trying to relieve yourself from stress or have more fun with friends, the Head Trip incense will help you achieve the happiness you all are looking for.

The scent is invigorating and can also promote added energy in every pack. In addition, it is known for its vibrant and invigorating effect. Many users have also sworn by the pleasant effects that they have gotten from incense.

Advise that you should not use this product for human consumption. It is only for aromatic purposes. You must also check your local laws before placing an order of any legal highs online.

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  1. Cloudy

    Awesome stuff heavy effects and nice aroma I’d say this one is 8/10 strength maybe 9. Great stuff.


  2. Gray

    One of the most heaviest highs I’ve had.. Can’t believe no one purchased this, even for curiosity. Well, this has a very spicy taste to it, though not over bearing… The taste is like joker, an oily, thick taste but not noticeable as the smell… The high is absolute pungent, thick, heavy and drowsy, but in a high way.. Could be enjoyed outdoors, not that I recommend it… This incense is a bargain to the price ratio… Its a stoner, nothing less, so your pounds are fully appreciated… I give this 100% potent rating, not for newbies and a defo rock dropped on your head high.. Thanks, your breadbis getting juicier!!!!


  3. Zoe

    head trip nice and mello relaxing one i will buy again no ploblem 5 out 10 nice.


  4. fabio66

    strong incense with a taste that makes me remember the incense used in a church, my advice is to mix it with mr nice guy mango