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Demon Herbal Incense 3g

Demon Herbal Incense 3g is one of most popular and widely used herbal incense blends. It is one of the best selling products as well. It has received much appreciation from the users for the great effects.

Why is this blend so popular?

As mentioned earlier, it offers relaxation and positive energy. Even if you are going through a troublesome life, it can help you to be calm and relaxed within moments. It will help you to get rid of any pressure. It brings a positive vibes and friendly environment just a few minutes after burning. You might not imagine that relaxation and peacefulness without experiencing it.

It is powerful and offers a strong variation. Hence, you will not have to burn it more frequently.

Demon Herbal Incense 3g can offer you an exciting feeling just like you are floating. The light feeling and the positive vibes will start filling your surrounding offering a great relaxing mood. The calming scent will dominate the environment with a nice feeling. The best thing about this blend is that it comes with a smooth texture that will help you to have the best aromatherapy experience for your life. It will be an ideal option for those who are having a lot of stress and pressure in their life and struggling with many issues. Demon Herbal Incense 3g can offer them relaxation and positive thinking.  This product is for aromatherapy purposes only and is not for human consumption.


Strength 5/5


Based on 5 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Joe Joe

    I just received this last week very strong indeed be careful but a good high 🙂 give it 5/5 🙂

    Joe Joe

  2. Bognor Regis

    Nice stuff, fruity flavour and strong.
    What can I say, don’t do what I did and use over a gram in one incense stick. Smoking away and bang, my brains turned to mud sloping around inside my skull. Lol be careful with some of these blends!

    Bognor Regis

  3. bruzkirz

    this is a nice experience not too much will buy again


  4. Cloudye

    Received this today, what I will say is this stuff is fairly strong and is 2nd generation. Very similar to AK-47 incense in taste, nice leaf structure and a light type of high, certainly a social burner. High is about 45 mins, longer if more used -). Certainly recommended for a good high, id give 4/5 for strength and wholly recommend it.


  5. nikolaos

    Slightly lighter then the first generation, but yet still very potent and with a nicer flavour.