Candy Jack (500mg)

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Sweet  |  Citrus  |  Pine

Satisfyingly sweet and subtly spicy, this classic Jack taste has a smoky aroma with a light lemon zest, enveloped in evergreen.


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  1. grammy

    It was sweet and very uplifting. I organized my best friends nail polishes and tried to make an organizer out of an old cereal box lol.


  2. Danker

    Sensory overload for me but in a great way. This allowed me to be goofy. Talkative but limited due to the crazy head high.


  3. Angelbleach

    Very solid sativa. Enjoyable without being too much.


  4. levesgat

    The only thing I like about this was the taste and smell this by far was the weakest sativa strain I’ve had before. The high is very lite


  5. levis mark

    Wax Review: Candy Jack is a pleasantly potent sativa with a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor. Just like its parent strain, Jack Herer, the effects are quick to feel, giving a boost in mood and energy. Great strain for during the day and at work.

    levis mark

  6. larry

    Very nice, fluffy, happy, goofy.


  7. majeff

    Very intense head buzz. One of the hard-core type out there


  8. jerry maxwell

    the only thing I don’t like about it is that is a sativa I prefer indica. I have trouble sleeping I smoke at night I need a strain with a knockout punch to put me to sleep

    jerry maxwell

  9. damiesay

    I actually had fairly strong couch lock with this. No way near energizing. Just a pretty standard buzz


  10. mathew

    I’m smoking it right now and it’s making me want to build a birdhouse