Bubble Gum (500mg)

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Bubble Gum is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid bred from Big Bud and Skunk. Bubble Gum has a robust sweet earthy smell and its name suits it perfectly because it tastes just like a nice sweet bubble gum. The taste upon inhale has a sweet candy-like flavor, that is sure sweet tooth pleaser.

Medicinal: Patients have used Bubble Gum with good results to combat stress, depression, anxiety, tension and other emotional issues. This strain is excellent for all appetite related issues such as anorexia nervosa and loss of appetite due to medication reactions. It helps to combat nausea and takes care of insomnia.


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  1. nykeps

    No I will not pass this bubble gum to the left hand side…. I’m afraid it’s snicklefritz for you! 🙁


  2. Ascnd51

    bubble gum has hit as probably my favorite weed strain of all time. It feels like a great body and MENTAL high it just relaxing. Taste is perfect flavor awesome and just does it always the perfect high.


  3. Danker

    Great high, great taste


  4. bowell

    Burns good smells better sits as a fully functional strain for medical patients even those with more tolerance


  5. nykelops

    Bubble gum is an understatement. A perfect hybrid for lazy summer days, giving you the ability to float as you do things.


  6. Angel

    Nature’s Grace has a KILLER cut of Bubble Gum 28.6% THC. It’s a true knockout. Definitely recommend!


  7. damies

    Love the product and the customer service


  8. grammy

    I was hesitant to try this hybrid because of anxiety… I’m so glad I did! Gave me energy without heart palpitations! Perfect for day use.


  9. Greg

    tastes great, very well balanced euphoria


  10. amzer81

    Very relaxing, calm high. Good for depression/anxiety. Nice, sweet taste. Makes me too sleepy tho


  11. Alien

    Bubblegum is amazing. Very similar to Blue Crack, you feel really good and the conversations are endless.


  12. amzer81

    Nice sativa dominant hybrid medium intensity not super intense but good for day time smoke sweet bubblegum like smell and sweet earthy taste and pleasant slightly relaxing but uplifting high


  13. windsly

    The flavor is amazing. The high is not my favorite.


  14. julia

    Sometimes we forget / the most important thing, but / it can be simple.


  15. maxgreeeve3

    definitely a wonderful strain. helped with pain and mausea.


  16. Angelbleach

    smells very good but made me very hungry & tired


  17. njean

    Tasty Indica. Nice body relaxation. Good for chilling, eating, sleeping, sex.


  18. frtzy

    I didn’t really feel anything here. It wasn’t the best or the worst…


  19. yevsaent

    very good strain. Good taste and nice relaxing effect on your body but does give dry mouth and dry eyes. Overall a very good Strain.


  20. zacks

    Picked up disposable vape pen from Organic Remedies, Ilera brand. The new style. Pen hits well, a little airy of a draw but smooth. Does taste a bit like bubble gum, but flavor’s aren’t very pronounced in this form.


  21. tarnesha

    I bought the hemp Bubble Gum from Black Tie. This is so relaxing and delicious. Smoking legal. It goes well 1:1 if you mix your hemp w/ thc flowers.


  22. kendra

    Best strain I’ve ever smoked. Gives me enough energy to clean my entire house.


  23. rayther

    it was ok day time strain nothing to crazy either way its in my top 10 of mid day strain


  24. malvena

    works good. makes the space behind my eyes feel numb.


  25. tarnesha

    Great taste. Like bubble gum. For real, like bubble gum. Not the strongest but holy shit, bubble gum y’all.


  26. quarrtray

    This is an amazing strain. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. The smell is VERY strong and I know that smell anywhere! Love my Bubble Gum.


  27. vaaddy

    got some bubble gum diesel sugar wax! literally the best high!! its soo intense in the head!! CRAZY!!! highly recommend!


  28. fresty

    I’m a chef and grown fond of bubble gum before my shift, as well as when doing my hobbies of art and music. Bubble gum makes ur hobbies double fun ( cheesy I know but it ain’t eaaaaasy )


  29. nykel

    my all time fav strain <3


  30. Ethal

    These are the best looking and hitting carts i’ve ever seen, and the taste is A+. The oil tastes clean but I’m kinda skeptical since their website has pretty vague test results and they advertise as 95.1% but my package said 75.5%. By no means does it means they’d test dirty, but it would be nice to know. The strain tastes like straight bubble gum but it’s a creeper. Didn’t really feel much at first and 15-20 minutes in I was on a good indica tip but still able to function.


  31. smeker

    it’s a wonderful relaxing strain, with a great smell


  32. fbceeey

    I think these are cut with chemicals that cause cough, Shortness of breath and headaches. I smoked five cartridges and decided, I Don’t trust the brand.


  33. jerrymaxwell

    Good taste good high haha