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Blue Dream Vape Cartridge

Blue Dream Cartridge contains is a solvent free sativa dominant hybrid, high grade vape oil cartridge. Quality Vape Cartridge from BrassKnuckles.



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  1. SMackay

    Absolute Extracts has been my go to for cartridges for a while now, and I was so excited when I saw that my dispensary got the Blue Dream “flavor”. And while the product did as expected, my only complaint was in the flavor. Rather than the typical taste cartridges leave you with, this one tasted all chemically and gave me a headache (to be fair, I’m pretty sensitive to those sorts of things, so it might have just been me). I will say that after my initial discomfort, it was a nice even high that helped me with my chronic nausea, so I would try it again.


  2. thebzknz

    Great day vape. Relaxing yet uplifting and slightly motivational. Makes housework much more tolerable! Hits smoothly and tastes great.


  3. nicelasers

    Great for a first timer, or someone who wants their daily chores to go by nicely, but this definitely doesn’t hit as hard or as euphoric / creative / fuzzy as others that I’ve had. Always a good time, but I’d like something that hits harder wirh less chemical taste for this price.


  4. nisamun

    Smooth draw, Easy to use. Strong.


  5. evinced

    Really enjoyed this one. Was able to compare side to side with some blue dream buds and while they did not taste the same, the high was unmistakably similar. Nice and potent coming in at 66.5% THC. Relaxing high that made me a bit talkative. Definitely would buy this again


  6. Pegasus007

    Sativa-dominant for sure Light cerebral effect- good for daytime/new stoners Not strong enough to soothe my aches and pains. Caused very little anxiety I am definitely an indica lover because it’s ability to ease my pains and relax my mind. I suffer from PTsD and fibromyalgia. Indica strains works best and better than pain medicine. I am looking for a strong daytime sativa strain to ease my light chronic muscle pains, ease my anxiety but not left in super stuck mode.


  7. dianaXo

    Good flavor, nice packaging/ design


  8. Spliffland

    Really mellow, I call this the “ all day” oil. I really enjoy it especially after you wanna take a break from the high octane oils, this one light but does the trick