Blue Dream (1000mg)

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Blue Dream is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid bred from Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. Blue Dream produces a sweet berry aroma and tastes like a tub of fresh, lush blueberries, with hazy, acidic undertones.

Medicinal: Blue Dream delivers swift symptom-relief, without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain relief, anxiety, depression, nausea, arthritis, glaucoma, stress and migraine headaches.


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Based on 32 reviews

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  1. damies jay

    I get more of a 50/50 experience from it and get creative and thoughtful. It is a good ‘coffee’ strain. I wish it tasted like the bud and not flavors that try to rebuild it.

    damies jay

  2. frtzy

    I love it. I have been looking for a good pen and I have found my favorite now.


  3. nykelops

    I take 4 hits in the morning and my planter facicitis pain is gone,


  4. windsly

    Good products and even better staff. Had a derp moment with the v-mod I purchased and a nice young gentleman gave me a great demonstration. Will return simply because of the level of customer service I received.


  5. bryawn

    Love the taste, blueberries. But most importantly I love love the high. Something about this combination in particular- makes me want to jam music as loud as possible. This flav gives me good vibes, thank you!


  6. martin

    Great high, great taste, good stuff, strongly recommended!!


  7. hyder man

    The pen has worked fine and has been the longest working pen that I have purchased. I have 20+ various pens that some only lastest for a week. Every feature works great.

    hyder man

  8. Decen

    Could taste better but had great relaxing body high that melted into creative cerebral vibes. Cart was great


  9. maxgree

    Really liking the battery so far. It’s a little confusing to use at first but have the hang of it now. I do wish there were more instructions though. Does not tell you what the pen does when it’s low on battery or dead. But works well overall and it’s a great price.


  10. keelly

    I use CBD to take off the edge of some major back pain and this blend of Terps and CBD is a great way to start the day!


  11. damies

    So I have no idea how I could use this wrong, but the actual product came out of both ends… leaked into battery and came up through the top. Weird and gross. Love the flavor.


  12. stephnie

    Love this! I love the preheat function and the ability to switch between voltages!!


  13. maxgreeeve3

    I love this cart! I always have a consistent and enjoyable experience using Moon Mix products, the blue dream x blueberry is my favorite.


  14. kendra

    The effect is nice but you’ll have to suffer through the taste to achieve it. By far the worst flavor. It is so strong it counteracts the wanted effect, giving me a headache.


  15. james

    great after taste, and i’d agree with the others who said “face & head high” – definitely would recommend & buy again (of course 😉 for the right price)


  16. bryawn

    I love the blue dream. my all time fav. great taste smooth. and definitely worth the $$


  17. hyder

    I recently purchased this battery and have been happy with it since day one. There are a few minor things, like takes some getting used to the 5 quick clicks to turn it on and the product didn’t come with any instructions but they are available online.


  18. keelly

    Works well and easy to use. Though I do not care for the USB recharge that you screw on to the top. It makes it a awkward to plug in to the side of a laptop to charge.


  19. julia

    This one’s my favorite! ! It tastes good and it’s potent.


  20. johnny

    Yup, real clean taste. Good amount of smoke. Gives o great head/face high.


  21. jerry maxwell

    By far my favorite tasting tank, and helps with all my needs. 💗

    jerry maxwell

  22. majeff

    I like it. Great sativa with great taste. willing to try more products.


  23. mathew

    I get a decent effect from this but it’s just not as potent as I would like it to be. The cart itself could put out more vapor too. I also wish the flavor was not as strong although dont dislike it.


  24. frtzy

    This is by far my favorite cartridge!!! I will continue to buy this, you guys got some amazing cartridges!!!


  25. xyenexa

    I like it. Great sativa with great taste. willing to try more products.


  26. Alien

    tasted nasty but got u medicated. not sure if it was just the one I bought it but made me go back to flower!


  27. Emjay

    Gave me a headache and continually made me cough up phlegm. unusable


  28. nykelops

    like the blueberry blue dream


  29. Salvador

    I was previously using the disposable vape pens but wanted to get something that produced less waste and could just swap out cartridges as needed. This was perfect! Holds a charge for several days and is easy to use. I love the preheat feature and being able to quickly adjust the voltage is nice. My wife loves it and well so I will be buying a sec


  30. smeker

    Charges quickly and the variable settings makes a world of difference. Whether you want a big quick dose or to vape nice and slow handles both well and has safety settings which is nice for peace of mind


  31. farazy

    Works great, multiple settings is a great feature.


  32. Tarkeder

    The pen has worked fine and has been the longest working pen that I have purchased. I have 20+ various pens that some only lastest for a week. Every feature works great.