Blackberry Kush (500mg)

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Blackberry Kush is an Indica strain containing Afghani and Blackberry genetics. Flowers have beautiful dark purple color with orange hairs that convert into hard nugs with crystals throughout. Blackberry Kush is known to have a pungent floral and bitter undertones of jet fuel. The strong earthy initial taste is balanced by flavors of sweet berries.

Medicinal: Blackberry Kush is often recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects. Additionally, Blackberry Kush helps with insomnia and extreme muscle relaxation. However, patients with anxiety should take caution, as the effects come on very swiftly and can be a bit overwhelming.


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  1. nykel

    A nice smoke that we enjoyed… thought it was too good to be true at first. Such a nice, strong smell and flavor. Strong effects, enjoyed very much.


  2. smeker

    I got the live resin version of Blackberry kush and it checks every box off my list. Will be getting it again.


  3. hazey

    Very tasty and smooth. Definitely gonna be able to eat after that one.


  4. Eric

    I found it very smooth. I smoked half a joint and didn’t get much of a high


  5. Angelbleach

    It is highly medicated and enjoyable by all stoners, it helps to relax your brain and keeps you going everyday


  6. amzer81

    I usually eat 1000mg for sleep and appetite. This strain is great. I can take 500mg and get the same results.


  7. Greg

    Very tasty! Strong kushy blackberry flavor. Nice Indica to chill on the couch after a hard day, eat and go to sleep.


  8. jackjay

    Did a less potent strain and it helped with anxiety ,ptsd and my headaches Definitely will use it in the near future Beautiful coloration. Turns a pretty purple and smells good


  9. Daffly

    Just smoked a joint of Bbk in backyard feels pretty good got the doing sun hitting me in face …. total relaxation!!


  10. levis jackson

    I love Blackberry Kush! It tastes great and immediately reduces pain. I’m clear headed, physically relaxed, mentally chill but not locked down. A great functional strain day or night.

    levis jackson

  11. Daffly

    One of my favorite strains. So nice to just sit back, smoke, eat, chill and fall asleep.


  12. Cabery

    Perfect fix for chronic pain that keeps you up at night!


  13. farazy

    This oil made me fly right into space. I thought I was an astronault for a while because I lost all idea of gravity. It was like Interstellar on Acid. Without all of the weird equations. Cheers !


  14. grammy

    This is a great night time strain. Just a great chill body and head high. Relaxing, happy, and pain relieving.


  15. hyder

    Definitely taste the berries after a bit. I got super muchies but it helped my back big time. Some of the best sleep ive had in a while.


  16. tarnesha

    i love blackberries, my favorite fruit. but i eat bananas more often. both leave me feeling kushy, though, to say the least. very little head buzz. fuzzy wuzzy in the body.


  17. dahnnae

    This is a fantastic Indica, highly effective for anxiety/panic attacks


  18. yevs

    Very good Indica for sleep


  19. Gleck

    Best smoke ever it’s help with my inflammation in my knee. When I smoke this I feel no pain in my knees


  20. damies hater

    This one is a quick acting strain that creeps up on you with an intense explosion of berry,

    damies hater

  21. fbceeey

    Really nice body high and great for insomnia and pain, make sure you have got some food on hand because you will eat everything in your house.


  22. malven

    I smoked a small joint and immediately felt the effects… Everything became brighter and more vibrant and my aches and pains vanished in the wind.