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We have Added Herbal incense into our company products as Required by
most of our clients and we are offering a promo of buy 2 and get 1
free for each order of herbal incense.


Bee Herbal Incense 3g

Feel as energetic as a bee! Try Bee 3g, the latest offering we have in our collection. It is what you need for a more vibrant, happy and invigorating day! You will definitely love how it will uplift your mood and turn an ordinary into a great day.

So if you’re looking for that perfect incense blend to give you that added energy and reduced anxiety and worries, do not look any further. The Bee 3g is here! It is surely one of the finest legal highs to try for the most avid incense fans looking for the most satisfying experience.Buy Bee Herbal Incense 3g

Go ahead and check it out! Bee 3g is that one herbal incense to give you that instant and long lasting feeling. It won’t put you down but keep you floating in the air for that high level of happiness that it can provide you with each time.Buy Bee Herbal Incense 3g

If you’re prepared for that amazing feeling you have never had and that boosted energy, try our Bee 3g! It is one of the most potent varieties that we have in our store. We have tried and tested it for quality and effects.

Take it seriously, though. It is a strong blend that is not for the faint-hearted.

Our team is not liable for any misuse of this product. Read the label and use it only as directed. This product is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Check your local and state laws prior to ordering the herbal incense.

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  1. Sean

    One of the best incense I’ve ever burned, so good infact that i’m Going to buy another one tonight.
    With fast delivery. Really really beautiful aroma, soothing, refreshing, relaxing euphoric, can’t wait.


  2. Gulfraz

    Top stuff, a real head banger here, tastes nice and smooth and will bang your head in just 2 tokes. Fully recommended, for strong tokers only!!


  3. Asif Shah

    Hi got my order in for my last bag of bee incense and decide to just put a tiny bit in after reading the reviews here thanks guy’s:)…wow wonderland completely different planet good stuff..just put another order in for this product

    Asif Shah

  4. BubbyUK

    Wow, strongest incense which i’ve been tried.It’s enough with two small bangs to send you to Wonderland 🙂


  5. Andyf121

    Nice stoned not to heavy all right for first time user