Amnesia Haze (500mg)

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Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy

Sweet citrus bliss with a nutty chestnut twist.


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4.7 overall

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  1. chillder

    It was a great strain, would definitely recommend, got me pretty high but still able to smoke more.


  2. maxwell

    Amnesia Haze is my favourite strain to date! Very relaxing, you sleep like a log. Not rough on the lungs. All in all, fucking relaxing 🌱🌱🌱


  3. jerry haze

    Happy, euphoric, forgetful. Super Headhigh but also good against Pain. One of the best Sativa Strains for me. Classic!

    jerry haze

  4. indicaAL

    I grew this stuff it is top tier! Relaxing and energizing at the same time, doesn’t make me feel like I’m on speed, or make me think people are peeking in my window


  5. nykelops

    It has a good taste.. it helps me sleep better and you just fly into space man 🙂


  6. jerry harry

    Amnesia is the weed superpower of making yourself forget about anything that you don’t wish to remember. Recommend you be in the comfort of home when enjoying this strain.

    jerry harry

  7. mathew

    not quite the cerebral high I usually look for, but a decent buzz!!


  8. danny

    A great strain. the smell is a composition of lemons,easy smoke without any coughing. Intensive, yet mellow cerebral high, makes u smile like an happy idiot for at least two hours. Definitely a social smoke, but not as up-lifting as other haze strains, so you wont regret smoking before bedtime.


  9. dannymorgan

    I love the smell and taste of this sativa. It helps improve my depression, while giving me a calm yet energetic feeling. I dont feel so overwhelmed and rushed to complete tasks. I’m able to slow down without feeling sluggish.


  10. john

    It’s a great strain but depends on who you get it from though, everyone does not have the same grown Amnesia. All comes with different THC levels:) I feel happy and relaxed at the same time and real sociable:)


  11. mathew

    This stuff was so good. I will tell all my friends to buy from dankhemps.com there are legit and reliable


  12. levis

    This stuff was so good. I will tell all my friends to buy from marijuanaskiesdispensary.com there are legit and reliable


  13. damies

    I am pretty damn baked right now. Just had one bowl of this stuff using my bubbler pipe and wow. I’m feeling really euphoric sensations and I’ve just eaten a half of a birthday cake that wasn’t mine. My first time trying Amnesia Haze and I have to say, when I saw how pricey my dealer was selling it, I assumed it would be one of those knock you out on the sofa heavy highs, but this is a different kind of high altogether that I’m feeling right now. There’s nothing low about it.


  14. hyder

    Great strain, but not my type of high. VERY energetic, to me, but perfectly uplifting. Take this strain on the road and stay happy.