710 Kingpen Skywalker OG Cartridge 1Gram

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Sunset Sherbet,Gelato ,Skywalker OG,Train wreck,Romulan Grapefruit ,King
Louis XIII, 3 Kings, Jack Herer, Cali-O, Gelato, and Super Lemon Haze.
The 710 KingPen is LoudPack Extracts personal marijuana / THC vaporizer, or “Vape Pen
710 KingPen Strain Review
The 710 KingPen is with the top award and honors in the vape products category.
Hand portable vaporizer,design to heat the product to a temperature a drop below the combustion
3 X Winner of Best Product at the High Time Cannabis Cup, in California.
Skywalker features a Euphoric and Sleepy high.Excellent night time strain useful for insomnia.
The 710 KingPen is LoudPack Extracts personal marijuana / THC vaporizer, or “Vape Pen”. This device
has gained popularity in recent years, as tobacco products take on a similar look-and-feel with their
version of the vape pen called, E-Cigs, and the stigma associated with marijuana use, continues to go
up in smoke.



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  1. Garvin Leonardo

    Good relaxing smoke
    I ordered the 1 gram version and wish I had gotten 3 more 😉it isn’t one to make you sleep it is more relaxing

    Garvin Leonardo

  2. Rodriguez

    Bought one of these in preparation for a long car ride. The body high was excellent and made the long trip bearable on my back.


  3. Mike Sefter

    This will definitely make you feel like you are in the sky but there certainly will not be much walking. One of my favorite indicas. Nice smooth smoke, earthly flavor and does not make you cough like some others do. This is something to smoke when you have nothing else to do. The high is complete full body.

    Mike Sefter

  4. Mathew Baker

    If you can get your hands on real Skywalker by Kingpen you’ll be slappped. Shit will have you dreaming bout unicorns and rainbows real quick
    Will order more

    Mathew Baker

  5. Antonio Brody

    KING PEN is by far the best battery that I’ve everrrrr had. I left it in the rain for over 1 hour while my gf got her nails done and went back to get it and it still worked the same! Then today I dropped in a puddle and it still fucking works. I most deff recommend!

    Antonio Brody

  6. Amanda Patrick

    Best cart
    This cart was the best I’ve ever smoked the quality of the oil was amazing barely moved it hit like an atomic bomb would recommend to everyone

    Amanda Patrick

  7. Colton Ezra

    I got the skywalker og and I two too fat ass hits but didn’t feel shit !!

    Colton Ezra